The Pacific Crest Trail A Visual Compendium Joshua M. Powell






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The Pacific Crest Trail as you’ve never seen it before. This highly designed paperback showcases the PCT through clever infographics, modern illustration, and insightful text. The book captures both the grandeur of the West Coast as well as the tiniest things that a thru-hiker notices and experiences during a 132-day trek.

Through the written word, graphic design, and illustration, The Pacific Crest Trail: A Visual Compendium conveys the beauty and the beastliness of a 2,650-mile wilderness hike from Mexico to Canada. The author chronicles the PCT through infographics about the trail and the thru-hikers’ experience, and includes arresting illustrations of the landscape and minutiae of the trail. Everything from trail markers, weather challenges, and the stories behind popular toponyms to the songs stuck in a hiker’s head, thru-hiker trail names, and food consumed will be addressed, making this an ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

A visual feast for the senses, The Pacific Crest Trail provides something new around every turn. Author Joshua M. Powell hiked the PCT in 2014, making the 2,650-mile wilderness hike from Mexico to Canada, and his story is both singular and universal. Travel along with him as he shares the majestic and the mundane along his journey through a combination of infographics, illustration, and narrative. Whether you’re a PCT alum, outdoor enthusiast, or armchair hiker, you’ll find a new delight on every page, making it something you will return to again and again . . . much like your favorite trail.


  • Over 70 original illustrations of scenery, trail towns, and ephemera - both natural and manmade

  • Over 40 infographics detailing the volcanoes of the PCT, Passes of the High Sierra, Trail Towns, Wildlife, Native Lands Traveled on the PCT, and much more

  • Over 20 original maps with a variety of data, both universal and unique to Powell's experiences on the trail

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