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Joshua M. Powell author of The Pacific Crest Trail: A Visual Compendium

About the Author

Joshua M. Powell is a writer and graphic designer living in the Inland Northwest. He grew up in Virginia, but during a cross-country road trip fell in love with the West. After two years working in Japan he settled in Washington State. He began taking longer and longer trips into the backcountry before deciding to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 2014. He has worked in book design and production, receiving first place in the New York Book Show and the Gold Award in the PubWest Book Design Awards. After a decade in the Seattle area he now lives on the opposite side of the Cascades with his wife and son in Eastern Washington. Finding himself closer to the Rockies, he can’t help but dream about hiking the Continental Divide Trail or Pacific Northwest Trail.


As a graphic designer, Josh has worked with companies such as Sasquatch Books, Wildsam Field Guides, Herb Lester Associates, Dark Horse Comics, Hunt to Eat, The Pacific Crest Trail Association, Chin Music Press, Becker&Meyer!, and Sterling Publishers.


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